Strainers & Accessories E-Z Mix E-Z View Clear Cans E-Z Mix® Paint Strainers Eliminate old, rusty and dented paint cans from your workspace with E-Z Mix E-Z View Clear Cans. Quickly check paint color and level with these durable, long-lasting cans designed for use with water-based paints, powder- coating paints, industrial coatings and more. Cost-effective and eco-friendly, E-Z Mix Paint Strainers are designed to work with all spray gun cups. Offered in both large and mini sizes for waterborne coatings (125 micron) and solvent-based coatings (190 micron). Part # Size Description Price 71025 Large 125 Micron Call for Pricing 71000 Large 190 Micron Call for Pricing 71125 Mini 125 Micron Call for Pricing 71190 Mini 190 Micron Call for Pricing Part No. Size Price 10008 1/2 Pint Call for Pricing 10016 1 Pint Call for Pricing 10032 1 Quart Call for Pricing 10128 1 Gallon Call for Pricing 10099 Can Opener (Metal) Call for Pricing E-Z Mix Touch-Up Accessories Quickly and easily touch up your paint job with E-Z Mix Touch-Up Accessories, designed to work with most air brush guns and paint systems. Part # Description Packaging Price Bottles 70002 2oz touch-up bottle with mixing ratios 50/Box Call for Pricing 10003 Shatterproof PET clear pour cap bottle 50/Box Call for Pricing 10001 Twist-N-Touch bottles 50/Box Call for Pricing Dabbers 78000 Dabbers in tube 40/Tube Call for Pricing 78200 Dabbers with dispenser 200/Dispenser Call for Pricing Applicators 71020 Touch-N-Go precision applicator syringe 10/Tube Call for Pricing 71040 Touch-N-Go precision applicator replacement 40/Pack Call for Pricing Brushes 77100 Mini touch-up brushes 100/Tube Call for Pricing 76100 Touch-up brushes – 5” 100/Tube Call for Pricing 76000 Touch-up brushes – 5 ¾” 36/Tube Call for Pricing
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