Surface Pre-treatment 3M Surface Pre-Treatment AC-130-2 3M Surface Pre-Treatment AC-131 For use on aluminum, steel and titanium alloy substrates, 3M Surface Pre-Treatment AC-131 is engineered to reduce rivet paint loss, water usage and labor by eliminating scrubbing and rinsing requirements. Water- based and non-chromated, AC-131 coatings improve adhesion between metallic surfaces, and epoxy or polyurethane-based organic coatings. Qualified to multiple specs throughout the aerospace industry, AC-131 is ideal for paint prep, sealing and surface prep applications. Available in blue (BB) or clear (CB) formulas. Designed to effectively eliminate chromates from the surface treatment process, 3M Surface Pre-Treatment AC- 130-2 is a surface prep treatment for all metallic substrates to facilitate a stronger bond. Engineered to reduce water usage and labor by at least 35%, AC-130-2 acid paste is engineered to improve adhesive boding of metal and composite surfaces and is compatible with existing application techniques. Ideal for use with metal bonding, metal-to-composite bonding, sealing, structural bonding and surface preparation applications. Part # Size Price 7000048184-31180 50mL $38.06/EA Part # Color Size Price 7000048185-31180 BB 100mL $31.63/EA 7100114228-31180 BB 1 Pint $76.18/EA 7100066134-31180 BB 1 Quart $105.82/EA 7000048187-31180 BB 1 Gallon $252.54/EA AC-131-CB-50ML-31180 CB 50mL $36.33/EA 7000123225-31180 CB 100mL $31.63/EA AC-131-CB-1PT-31180 CB 1 Pint $94.04/EA 7100114024-31180 CB 1 Quart $105.82/EA 7100026840-31180 CB 1 Gallon $252.54/EA 7100014026-31180 CB 5 Gallon $1,121.88/EA How much could you save? Since 2002 Hisco has helped customers achieve more than $150,000,000 in cost avoidances through our Documented Cost Savings Program. Learn more at
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