Conversion Coatings Henkel BONDERITE Pretreatment Conversion Coatings Used to create a protective coating for aluminum, magnesium, titanium and alloys, BONDERITE Pretreatment Conversion Coatings help minimize corrosion and improve paint adhesion. Low-and non-VOC options are available, as well as non-flammable coatings in addition to water-based protectors. BONDERITE temporary corrosion protection is innovative, reliable and sustainable to help match even the most stringent environmental regulations. Part # Description Price BONDERITE M-CR 1000RTU AERO 595643-34910 Aqueous solution used for aluminum and its alloys will not significantly alter surface appearance; offers excellent protection formulated for damage touchups and previously treated areas Call for Pricing BONDERITE M-CR 1001 AERO 594417-34910 Non-flammable, chromic, acid-based coating for aluminum and its alloys; best, affordable option for paint adhesion and corrosion resistance $37.42/EA BONDERITE M-CR 1200S AERO 598427-38190 Powdered substance used on aluminum to create a protective coating against corrosion; provides improved bond for paint $791.77/EA BONDERITE M-CR MAGNESIUM AERO Formulated to treat magnesium alloys; coating conforms to SAE AMS-M-3171, Type VI; application conforms to NAVAIR 01-1A-509 Call for Pricing BONDERITE M-CR 871 AERO (PEN) 1446363-30769 Trichrome, dry-in-place coating for aluminum and its alloys; pen applicator provides simple repair method for bare surfaces Call for Pricing BONDERITE M-NT 8800 AERO Sol-gel coating replacement engineered to enhance adhesion to aluminum and titanium alloys; provides excellent base for organic finishes and adhesive bonding surface preparation; should not be rinsed following application Call for Pricing Henkel BONDERITE Aluminum Chromate Conversion Coatings Designed to passivate metals using an immersion bath process, BONDERITE chromate conversion coatings for aluminum are applied as a corrosion inhibitor, decorative finish or primer, or are used to maintain electrical conductivity. A simplified coating process delivers the highest standards in corrosion protection and paint adhesion. With both liquid and powder options available, coatings offer enhanced rinsability with no foaming or fumes released during the application process. Additional benefits include automatic feeding, low product consumption, analytical control and less renewal. Part # Product Size Description Price 594871-38190 BONDERITE M-CR 1600 AERO 55 Gallon Drum Concentrated liquid, dual-package $4,394.90/EA 2334968-38190 BONDERITE M-CR 600 10lb Pail Ready-to-use powder $636.14/CN 594094-34910 BONDERITE M-CR 600RTU 5 Gallon Pail Ready-to-use liquid $393.83/PA 595387-38190 BONDERITE M-CR 600RTU 55 Gallon Drum Ready-to-use liquid $997.08/DR 594419-34910 BONDERITE M-CR 1201 AERO 1 Quart Non-flammable liquid $132.91/CA 1445846-30769 BONDERITE M-CR 1132 (PEN) 40mL Pen Designed to apply Class 1A chromate conversion coatings $94.99/EA
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