Protection Materials 3M Surface Protection Liquids Maintain a clean booth and work surface with 3M Surface Protection Liquids, engineered to safeguard against solvents, dirt, dust and grime – while helping you steer clear of corrosion. Part # Name Size Description Price 700120435-31180 Dust Control Spray 1 Gallon Water-based spray formula attracts and removes dirt and small particles $60.02/EA 00051131068391-31196 Booth Coating 1 Gallon Protects paint booth walls, windows and light fixtures with excellent solvent resistance $77.68/EA 7000120531-31180 5 Gallon $317.83/EA 7000000457-31180 Glass Cleaner 190z Spray Non-drip formula for use on all glass surfaces to cut through dirt and grit $3.41/EA 3M Polyurethane Protective Boot SJ8665 Engineered to protect against foreign object debris and the elements, 3M Polyurethane Protective Boot SJ8665 is constructed of a UV-stable material that resists yellowing over time. Custom-molded and application-specific for a precision fit. Part # Name Price 00021200565403-31180 FP421 $345.13/EA 7100074545-31180 FP005 $558.17/CA 7000051804-31180 FP047 $328.70/EA 00021200672910-31180 FP053 $328.68/EA E-Z Mix View Clear Masking Plastic Easily protect areas from overspray with E-Z Mix View Clear Masking Plastic. Conveniently designed to be used without tape, this masking plastic is held in place by static cling. 1.5 mils thick. Part # Size Price 240012 12” x 2400ft Call for Pricing 240018 18” x 2400ft Call for Pricing 240036 36” x 2400ft Call for Pricing
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