Surface Products OEM Approved Systems for MRO repaintingAerospace CoatingsLeadership in MRO CoatingsThe exterior of a commercial aircraft is an opportunity to showcase innovative livery designs and inspire feelings of confidence and safety in passengers. In collaboration with our OEM partners, we invest heavily in developing new, state- of-the-art coatings that are trusted by our worldwide customers. Together with OEMs, we develop coatings that will further speed up the application process, reduce steps, improve paint appearance, and keep aircraft flight ready. AkzoNobel coatings make it easy to get the desired look, eliminating costly re-work and repairs. By using the preferred AkzoNobel coating systems, you can be assured of using the latest technology fully compliant with the major OEM repair and maintenance manuals. The following overviews show our recommended exterior coating systems for MRO repainting that are listed in the OEM manuals. These officially approved systems highlight our strong position in the MRO industry and our extensive product offer. To learn more about AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings, visit aerospace.akzonobel.comn Structural repair / Pre-treatment for uncoated metal substrate / Chemically stripped A/C n (Re-fresh) primern Intermediate coat (optional) n Single stage topcoat n Basecoat n ClearcoatAirbus Civil Aircraft: A319, A320 family, A330, A340, A350, A380Structural repair manual A/C; CML 04DBB3Structural repair manual A/C; CML 04DBB3; In-spar: AIMS 04-04-026Fuselage, VTP & NacelleWings and HTP Socogel A0203 (CF) Socogel A0203 (CF) Aerodur LV2114Aerodur LV2114Aviox Finish 77702 Series; In-spar: Aeroflex HS 113F0XAerobaseAviox Clearcoat UVRAerodur Sealer 42240
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