Applicators & Adhesives 3M Scotch-Weld™ EPX™ Applicators 3M Scotch-Weld EPX Mixing Nozzles Conveniently portable, 3M Scotch-Weld EPX Applicators are designed to simplify dispensing of 3M Scotch-Weld Duo-Pak Structural Adhesives. The 3M EPX II Applicator is perfect for low-volume applications, while the 3M EPX Manual and Pneumatic Applicators are equipped to tackle larger-volume requirements. With a tapered tip that can be cut for bead size, the 3M Scotch-Weld EPX Mixing Nozzle provides complete mixing and precision placement of dual-component structural adhesives. Engineered to minimize waste, the EPX mixing nozzle is easily replaced to utilize any remaining adhesive in the cartridge. Part # Description Price 00051115690433-31196 Square, Orange, 45mL 36/Case $1.10/EA 00021200879821-31196 Helical, White, 6mm, 36/Case $3.67/EA 00021200500084-31196 Square, Gold, 5.3mm, 72/Case $32.16/EA 00021200500091-31196 Square, Gold, 5.3mm, 1200/Case $1.54/EA 00021200879821-31196 Helical, White, 400mL, 36/Case $3.67/EA Part # Size Price 7100148764-31180 EPX Plus II Applicator $80.04/EA EPX PLNGR-31180 EPX 1:1/2:1 Plunger for EPX Plus II Applicator 48.5mL/50mL, 10/case $10.96/EA 00021200879777-31196 EPX Manual Applicator, 200mL $568.89/EA 00063806010062-31180 EPX Pneumatic Applicator, 50mL $714.12/EA 7000121584-31180 EPX Pneumatic Applicator, 200mL $1,308.16/EA 3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive DP100, DP100 Plus and DP100NS Formulated for rigid, high-static load holding, 3M Scotch-Weld epoxy adhesives ensure permanent bonds with quick work life and accelerated handling strength at room temperature. Part # Size Color Packaging Price DP100 - Genera-purpose adhesive with 5-minute work life and handling strength in 20 minutes. DP100-48-5-31180 48.5mL Duo-Pak Clear 12/Case $15.63/EA 00021200872600-31196 200mL Duo-Pak Clear 12/Case $50.13/EA 00021200872617-31196 400mL Duo-Pak Clear 6/Case $95.85/EA DP100 Plus - Highly flexible adhesive with 4-minute work life and handling strength in 20 minutes. DP100-PLUS-CL-48-5-31180 48.5mL Duo-Pak Clear 12/Case $24.51/EA 00021200872662-31196 200mL Duo-Pak Clear 12/Case $63.93/EA 00021200872679-31196 400mL Duo-Pak Clear 6/Case $124.61/EA DP100NS - Flame-retardant adhesive with 5-minute work life and handling strength in 15 minutes. DP100NS-TRANS-48-5-31180 48.5mL Duo-Pak Translucent 12/Case $24.48/EA 00021200872648-31196 200mL Duo-Pak Translucent 12/Case $63.23/EA 00021200872655-31196 400mL Duo-Pak Translucent 6/Case $114.27/EA
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