Fillers & Hardeners 3M Dynatron Reinforced Fillers Significantly stronger than typical fillers, Dynatron Reinforced Fillers are ideal for rust hole and fiberglass repair. Each formula features short, long or milled fiberglass strand reinforcement. Waterproof and flexible for use with a range of repair applications. Single Gallon, packaged 4/case. Part # Description Strands Price 7000125052-31180 Ultra-Glass™ Reinforced Filler Milled $59.16/CN 7000125049-31180 Dyna-Glass™ Reinforced Filler Short $56.92/CN 7000125051-31180 Dyna-Hair™ Reinforced Filler Long $58.22/CN 3M Platinum™ Plus Filler Engineered for excellent adhesion to a range of substrates, 3M Platinum Plus Filler features advanced chemistry ideally used with galvanized steel and aluminum. With a creamy formula for fast, easy application, filler is vacuum-processed and pinhole-free to optimize quality and purity. Part # Size Packaging Price 00051131058637-31196 276mL Cartridge 6/Case $122.52/CS 7000001498-31180 1 Gallon 4/Case $51.73/CS 3M Dynatron Hardeners Specifically engineered for use with 3M Dynatron and Bondo™ brand fillers, resins and putties, 3M Dynatron Cream Hardeners are made of the highest- quality raw materials available to create long-lasting repairs. 3M Dynatron Liquid Hardener is engineered for use with Dynatron polyester fiberglass resin products to deliver a fast cure and 100% waterproof repair. All products packaged 12/case. Part # Size Description Price 00051131058309-31196 2.75oz Red Cream Hardener $4.92/EA 7010378353-31180 2.75oz White Cream Hardener $3.53/EA 309-2-75-31180 2.75oz Blue Cream Hardener $3.62/EA 7000125066-31180 0.74oz Transparent Red Liquid Hardener $4.64/EA
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